Welcome to Alternatives for ADHD Video #3:

"Discover 3 Alternative Treatments
for ADHD With Research Behind Them"

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In Alternatives for ADHD Video #3, you’ll discover:
  • What a Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Trial is – and why its important
  • How Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Trials often don’t help in research for Alternatives
  • What Role Fish Oils Can Play in the treatment of ADD/ADHD
  • What dose of Fish Oils to take…
  • Do food additives cause ADHD? Discover the newest research
  • How brainwaves impact focus and ADHD symptoms…
  • Do alternatives treatments have side effect? Get the facts

This video shares the research behind 3 alternatives treatments for ADHD. This should help you to get started!

Please share your comments below, and let other people know about this video series!

Thank you for your interest.


Dr. Kenny

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  1. Stephanie McGovern

    Thank you for these easy to use and informative videos. I only have watched the 3rd one and look forward to going back to 1 and 2.


  2. Roy Hanney

    Thank you for making these available I really appreciate it as this information is invaluable for us ADHD-er’s. I have a question for you about research into ADHD and Tai Chi or Qi Gong. I practise these myself and am currently in China strudying to become an instructor. I have heard that they are very helpful, I personally find them very helpful. I wonder though if there is any real research out there that might be of use?

    • Admin

      Roy – thanks for your feedback.
      I don’t know of any research about Tai Chi or Qi Gong. I imagine they are very helpful for ADHD – there is starting to be some research on ‘mindfulness’ – which is meditation. I imagine that combining the physical aspect with this (as in Tai Chi and Qi Gong) would make it even better for ADD. I’ll keep an eye out for research on this.
      Dr. Kenny

  3. Heather

    Again another great video with some factual information. Have a specialist appointment early December and can’t wait to dicuss some of the alternatives that you have mentioned.

    • Admin

      Heather –
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear that these videos can help you with discussing these issues with your doctor!
      Dr. Kenny

  4. Karen Kennedy

    Well done, informative videos. I’ll be sure to pass your site to patients.
    Glad you mentioned neurofeedback. I tried this last year- very expensive ($3000 for initial session with psychologist and CD set), required time and dedication ( minimum 20-30 minutes 5-6 days/ wk for several months) . I couldn’t find many conclusively positive studies on line on my local ADHD specialist hadn’t heard it was effective so I abandoned it fearing I’d been “had” again. I’ve been trying a much cheaper , more fun version on line- Luminosity – that someone earlier mentioned. Not sure it helps.
    I would be interested on your thoughts on CBT , there are some CBT self help type manuals available and Mindfullness for ADHD. Unfortunately these both sound good but appear to be expensive and very time consuming. Not sure if just reading about it and trying on your own would be as useful as therapist run sessions/ workshops .