Here's Video #2

The Problem The Medical
Establishment Has With Alternative Treatment

And 5 Simple Principles You Can Use To Help You

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In Alternatives for ADHD Video #2, you’ll discover:
  • What most doctors think about Alternative Treatments
  • Why most doctors think this way…
  • What you can do about it…
  • 5 principles you can use to help you to choose ADHD Treatments

This video helps you to understand where your doctor is coming from, and most importantly, what you can do to help you to choose alternative treatments (by using the 5 principles), even if you aren’t sure about the research behind them…

Here are the 5 Principles For Choosing Alternative Treatments:
  • Principle 1:  The Level Of Evidence Needed Depends On The Nature Of The Treatment
  • Principle 2:  Look For Real Research
  • Principle 3: Be Careful With Herbs (“Natural”)
  • Principle 4: Get Professional Help (Complementary vs. Alternative)
  • Principle 5:   Remember – Delaying Effective Treatment Can Lead To Risks

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Thank you for your interest.


Dr. Kenny