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Introducing: The Alternatives for ADHD CD Program

These CDs include 138 minutes of research-based information about Alternatives for ADHD with research behind them.

Dr. Kenny will give you information to help you out – including information on how to implement these treatments in your own treatment plan!

Here’s What You Get On CD #1

CD #1 introduces the basic concepts of alternative medicine, as well as complementary medicine.

On this CD, you’ll discover the core principles of choosing an alternative treatment – even if you aren’t sure about the research behind it. These core principles will serve you well, and help to explain yourself to the skeptics who may challenge you.

The therapies covered included on CD #1:

  • Diet Change and food additives
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Homeopathy for ADHD

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Diet Change and Food Additives for ADD/ADHD


Diet change has been suggested as a treatment for ADD and ADHD for over 3 decades.
And the medical community has held fast to the belief that diet change does nothing for ADD/ADHD.

But then, there were two critical studies which have started to change the long held belief that food and chemicals have nothing to do with ADD and ADHD…

Study #1: Published in a leading medical journal, this study showed that common food additives and preservatives worsened kid’s attention and hyperactivity. This is making the medical establishment consider changing its perspective…

Study #2: A controlled study looking at an elimination diet showed that 69% of kids with ADHD who tried this diet had a significant response to the treatment. They got better just by changing what they ate for 5 weeks.

Find out the specifc details about these studies and more on CD #1…

Omega 3 Fatty Acids for ADD/ADHD

My grandmother used to say – ‘Eat your fish, it’s brain food!’

New research is showing that my grandmother was right.

Furthermore, newer studies are showing that people with ADD/ADHD who take Omega 3 Fatty Acids – particularly fish oils – is improving their condition.

On CD #1, I share with you the specific recommendations of how much fish oils to take to get the benefits that the studies show you can receive from these inexpensive and easy to take supplements.

Homeopathy for ADHD?

I’ll be honest here…

I’m going to get the most slack from my medical colleagues about Homeopathy.
Homeopathy just doesn’t make sense from a Western, allopathic, medical perspective.

But that didn’t stop some researchers in Switzerland, who did a study to examine how well homeopathy can work in ADD/ADHD kids. Their study showed that a large percentage of kids with ADD/ADHD can benefit from Homeopathy, but that it may take several tries to get the right remedy.

Doctors may challenge this study because it wasn’t ‘controlled’. This is because homeopathy has to be individualized. On CD #1, I explain this in detail, and help you to understand how you can use homeopathy as part of a treatment plan.

CD #1 is 70 minutes and 22 seconds.

Here’s What You Get On CD #2

On this CD, we cover more of the alternative treatments, and then wrap up the program by giving you the necessary ‘next steps’.

The therapies on CD #2 include:

  • Herbal treatments
  • Cerebellar treatments
  • Neurofeedback
  • Working memory training
  • and Therapy #8 (this one is a surprise…)
  • Next steps – i.e. how to take this info and use it

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Herbal Treatments for ADD/ADHD

When we’re talking about herbal treatments, we cover herbal supplements as well as other natural supplements.

The important point to realize with herbal treatments is that they are ‘symptom based’. Meaning that there aren’t specific supplements which treat ADHD, rather there are herbs which may treat ‘memory’, or ‘inattention’, or even insomnia…

By reviewing the different research done on herbs and supplements for ADD and ADHD, you’ll be able to look at the shelf at your local pharmacy or health food store differently, and find the natural treatments that may boost memory, learning, attention and even sleep.

Cerebellar Treatments for ADD/ADHD

In this section of CD #2, you’ll be introduced to the world of cerebellar treatments for ADD/ADHD.

The cerebellum is a part of the brain that is at the back of the head. I learned in medical school that it’s role is to help with muscle coordination.

New brain research is showing that the cerebellum is also important to help with concentration and learning.

Some treatment innovators suggested that by means of having people with ADD/ADHD do regular exercises, they could ‘rewire’ their brain connections – particularly for the cerebellum, and improve their ADD and learning.

While this treatment has been controversial, there are many people who swear by it, and it is worth knowing about.

Listen to this section of CD #2 to get the facts on this treatment…

Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD

Can your brain waves be trained to improve your focus?

This whole approach to treating ADD/ADHD is based exactly on that fact.

This is a ‘bio-feedback’ treatment that is designed to have people ‘reprogram’ their brain to spend more time in the beta brain waves.

You see, while we’re awake, our brain is predominantly in one of two brain wave patterns: Alpha or beta.

When people are in beta brain waves – they are paying attention and focusing well.

When people are in alpha brain waves – they are daydreaming and distracted.

Research has found that people with ADD/ADHD spend more time in the alpha brain waves than other people do. This natural approach to treatment of ADD/ADHD helps people to develop the skill to spend more time in the beta brain waves – i.e. to focus more.

Working Memory Training for ADD/ADHD

One of the main theories behind ADD/ADHD is that it is a deficit of executive functioning. One of those executive functions is working memory. Working memory is the ability to remember little bits of information for a short period of time to problem solve. And this is often an issue in ADD/ADHD.

There is a new software training program that has outstanding research that it improves working memory (and other executive functions) with a simple training protocol. This medication free treatment can make a big difference in your functioning… Whether you take medicine or not…

Get all of the details on this approach on CD #2.

Wrapping It All Up and Bringing It Together

At the end of CD #2, I summarize the main points you need to know about alternative treatments.

It’s important to remember the role that these treatments can play.
It’s also important that you don’t get overwhelmed with all of the possibilities for treatment…

In this final section of the CD program, we wrap it up and bring it all together. You’ll end the CD’s with a new understanding of the world of alternatives for ADD and ADHD – and you’ll have steps you can implement to improve your treatment right away.

Duration of CD #2: 68 minutes

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These CD’s Aren’t Like
Any Other Program Out There…

You know that you can search in google and find articles out there on alternative treatments… But can you really trust that information?

Could you spend 138 minutes reading on the internet – and end up more confused than you were when you started?

We all know the answer is yes.

You need answers – from a source you can trust.

Here is how these CDs are different from other programs out there:

  • You’ll discover the research that’s been done on alternatives for ADD/ADHD – from the medical literature
  • Learn about the research from the perspective of a medical doctor with years of experience treating ADD and ADHD
  • These CD’s are up-to-date…
  • You get practical steps and strategies that help you to create a treatment plan that works
  • You’ll know the logic and explanations to ‘defend’ your treatment decisions – even with the most skeptical doctor…

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What’s The Investment For These CDs?

These CDs contain well over 2 hours of detailed and specific information. To get that much time with a specialist in ADD/ADHD can cost upwards of $400 to $600 or more. Countless hours were spent to search the medical literature to find the studies which shed light on these alternatives, and to bring them to you in a succinct, understandable and easy way.

Because of modern technology – to create the CD’s and to use the internet as a route of distribution – you won’t have to pay nearly the cost of the hours put into creating these CD’s.

These CD’s are being introduced at an introductory rate of only $97 (plus shipping and handling).

Remember that when you get this information on these CD’s, you can listen to the material over and over again (and also lend the CD’s to your family members or even your doctors to help your ADD/ADHD treatment).

At $97, you’ll know the value is there as you are able to literally transform the treatment that you or your loved one have for ADD/ADHD.

As a special, time limited offer to my subscribers – you can get your own copy for less than 50% of the cost – for $47 (plus shipping).

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that you’ll benefit from these CD’s, that we’re offering an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee (excluding shipping). If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send the CD’s back within 30 days and we’ll refund the cost of the CD’s,with absolutely no questions asked!

If you feel there’s any chance that this information will help to change the treatment plan for yourself or your loved one – then order with confidence, knowing that your order is guaranteed.


Dr. Kenny Handelman


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Get your copy today.

Wishing you and yours great health.

Natural Treatments for ADHD

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